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  • Candle Orange Scented – Sacral Chakra


    Sacral Chakra, Emotion

    Fragrance: Orange

    This chakra relates to our emotions increasing our levels of self-respect. Giving us the freedom to be ourselves. Helps expand interests and activities. Brings joy to our work day. Is the best emotional stimulant. It connects us with our senses. Making us independant and social.

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  • Carnelian Heart

    • Brings happiness, hope, courage and emotional balance
    • Eliminates confusion
    • Reduces depression and brings positivity
    • Eases pregnancy and birth
    • Assists in healing the feminine reproductive system


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  • Dreamcatcher- Orange


    The North American Red Indians believed that if you hung a dreamcatcher above your bed at night all your dreams would be caught in it. The bad dreams would be caught in the web and would stay there, whereas the good dreams float down from the web adn the feathers and spread good thoughts over you. Once a week you should shake your dreamcatcher outside in order to rid it of the bad dreams stuck in the web.

    Diameter of 19cm

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  • Orange Garnet Bracelet – Gemstone Chips

    Orange Garnet
    • Encourages a rational mind
    • Supresses nightmares
    • Treats lactose intolerance and calcium imbalances

    Orange Garnet gemstone, chip beads

    Woman sized bracelet

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  • Orange Oil Burner

    Oil Burner

    Fragrance oil burner – use with your favourite fragrance or Scented oil for a tranquil atmosphere in your home or office. These are used with tealight candles (not included)

    Size 80mm x 70mm

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