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  • Impepho Smudge Stick


    Impepho Smudge Stick 

    Smudging is the burning of herbs with the intention to clear and balance the energy in your environment.

    Impepho is also known as African Sage – Light the bunch of herbs on the one side. Once it start smoking start smudging the area / space you want to clear and cleanse. Ensure all windows and doors are open.

    Size : 30cm

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  • Resin – Myrrh

    Resin – Myrrh

    Fortify and revitalise your mood with Myrrh resins to purify the atmosphere and promote healing. Use Myrrh in your prayers and meditation to promote inspiration and emotional insight.


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  • Tulasi – Impepho Incense

    Tulasi – Impepho Incense Sticks

    Fragrance incense sticks,  burnt for clearing spaces energetically. Can also be burnt for meditation and creating sacred space as well as protection.

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