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  • Backflow Cones- White Sage 40’s


    Backflow Cones – White Sage – 40’s

    These cones are specifically for the backflow burners

    Beautiful cleansing aroma and the smoke has the effect of a mist or waterfalls depending on your burner

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  • Californian White Sage- Smudge Stick- SML

    Californian White Sage Smudge Stick

    Californian White Sage have been used for centuries by the Native Americans

    Smudging is the burning of herbs with the intention to clear and balance the energy in your environment.

    Light the bunch of herbs on the one side. Once it start smoking start smudging the area / space you want to clear and cleanse. Ensure all windows and doors are open.


    16cm x 4.5cm

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  • Healing Bath Salt Crystals- Cleansing Coconut


    “Relax and indulge with theraputic salt crystals from the Himalayas

    Pure Himalayan baths salts can soften and smoothe your skin, detoxify and cleanse, reduce inflammation and pain and help relax your body”


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  • Palo Santo Wood Sticks

    Palo Santo Wood Sticks for smudging

    Also known as Holy Wood.

    Used by the natives of South America, this is used to cleanse and clear the energy in your space.

    Light the wooden stick on the one end. Use the smoke to cleanse the space / area

    Sold as packs of three

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  • Sacred Elements- White Sage Cleansing Spray


    An Eco friendly, gas free spray used to freshen up and cleanse the space around you

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  • Simple Resin Burner


    Used to hold a hot coal while smudging your space resin

    Once the coal is lit and is red all over place it in the holder and put half a teaspoon of your preferred resin on top of the burninmg coal. You can distribute the smoke by using a large feather.

    Size: 200mm x 85mm

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