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  • Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring- Amethyst, Topaz, Citrine and Peridot

    • Provides for tranquillity
    • Conducts energy in meditation
    • Bestows stability, strength and peace
    • All round healer, especially for headaches
    • Directs energy to where it is need most through the healing, recharging and aligning the meridians of the body
    • A stone of love and good fortune
    • Encourages openness, honesty, and self-control
    • Wealth and abundance
    • Brings laughter and happiness
    • Helps to gain and sustain wealth
    • Stimulates intuition, personal power, intelligence and self-love
    • Assists in balancing and healing the sacral chakra
    • Protective stone for the aura
    • Clears negative patterns and old vibrations in order to allow for a new frequency to be
    • Motivates growth
    • Assists in strengthening the metabolism and regenerates tissues

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  • Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring- Iolite

    • A stone of vision, used to aid with journeys out of the body
    • Aids with the process of connecting with angels and higher level of spirituality
    • A shamanic stone
    • Aids in weight loss

    Size 6.5

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